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The next step to a better experience on TV and computer could be seeing images in 3D.  At CES, there were many demonstrations of 3D, 3dcamerafrom content creation to presentation.

3dwebcamminoru3dContent creation usually involves 2 cameras.

However, if you can move or rotate an object, you can just use one camera:


Presentation usually requires a pair of 3D glasses.  However, Samsung demonstrated a 3D monitor that shows amazing 3D effects without any 3D glasses, just look and walk around it and you see the 3D effect.


 To transmit and deliver 3D data, the following would be needed:

* At least 2X the image size, for multiple angles, the amount data would go up accordingly. 

* Transmission bandwidth would increase accordingly, although compression algorithms might be able to take advantage of the repetitive nature of the 3D images.

* Processing would be needed to present the image, thus vendors like Nvidia is in the space.

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