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Tencent QQ

tencentJeff Xiong, Co-CTO of Tencent, presented to an overfilled conference room at Fenwick & West on Friday evening.

Jeff presented the history of Tencent and some insights into the company’s success.  Tencent is among the largest IM service in the world, currently it has over 856M user accounts and 355M (bigger than US population) active users thru its QQ service.   tencentimThe company has implemented a very scalable system that was able to get, without the hour, words of the Sichuan earthquake throughout China and Olympics results.  In additional to IM, Tencent offers email, gaming, and other web services and it’s one of the fastest growing web service in the world.

With only 20% of its > 1B population on the internet, China offers great growth potential for Tencent.  In addition, Tencent is looking to expand into other markets, such as India and Vietnam.

BTW, Tencent is the transliteration of its Chinese name, which means speedy communication.

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