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A Simple Electric Motor

I learned about this motor from the Foothill CNET 119 class I’m taking.  The instructions to build this Beakman Electric Motor is by Chris Palmer.

This motor shows the marvel of nature:  

  • voltage potential brings about an electric field (battery and wire)
  • electric field generates magnetic field
  • 2 magnetic fields in same direction cause repulsion (magnet and wire)

and the marvel of man’s ingenuity:

converting this knowledge into a device (electric motor) that’s used in so many applications from disk drives to garage door opener to cars.

I certainly have learned from this simple experience, reminding me why I was a physics major a long time ago.

To make the motor work, be sure of the following:

  • the wire must be insulated wire, so the coil does not short
  • one end of the wire has the insulated wire removed by sanding; the other end has only one side of the insulation removed (this ensures that the wire generated magnetic field is turned on and off as the wire spins, enabling the repulsion of the 2 magnetic fields to continue the spinning of the wire)
  • regularly sand the ends of the wires again, as there are occasionaly electric arcs that bring about deposit (carbon?) on the wire that prevents electrical conduction

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