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Tim O’Reilly and John Batelle have been saying “Web Meets World” this year to described the convergence of web 2.0, wireless, low-cost internet devices, and sensor technologies, and the resulting emerging applications.  Tim O’Reilly describes an aspect of this as the instrumentation of the web.  This is a very broad area, and there are many emerging devices for the instrumentation and resulting applications, including military deployment.  Some examples are:

Example Devices

Embedded OS

Amazon Kindle


KORE Telematics (M2M devices)

Linux, proprietary embedded (?)

Laundryroom Twitter


MIDs, Netbooks

Linux, Windows

Smart meters

Linux, proprietary embedded (?)


Linux, Windows, Symbian, BlackBerry OS

Sensor networks

TinyOS, real-time OS, proprietary, Linux, JAVA

Linux appears significant across these devices. 

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